Aesthetics & the State

23 Apr

As the idealizing dynamics of Western culture proceeds, the State becomes the ultimate social form of aesthetics. By the logic of image-work, the dream-idol of a social hypostasis of the self takes form in images, visual, conceptual, relational, political and economic that possess and displace the identity of the generative dreaming self. This transfiguration is vampiric: the State, like all image-ideals increasingly possesses and displaces it host. In sociopolitical and economic forms, — and, in our age, in media — the cliches and ‘scripted’ self-adulation, presentation and apologetics of State, via the media, the nexus of modern and even more, postmodern image creation becomes the definer of truth and life. All demands it makes on its host, that it infests like a parasite, are justified in ideal, once normative terms that have become cliches, husks and individuals are drained and re-presented as reflections and imitations of their image-idea, now become a monster, the hidden subject of all horror and terror works from novels to geopolitics. This is the APOCALYPTIC phase of image-work, as the idol displaces and consumes its host.
The host loses vitality in proportion to the appropriation of its identity by the image. As the State glamorizes itself as the benevolent first principle, this corporate personae, this abstraction and mask hardens, becoming impervious and totally intolerant of any critique; nothing must be outside the self-definition and facade of the image. At this point we have the elegiac phase of culture, the one the West entered starting in England in the mid-19th century (see “Idylls of the King” which shows the West’s dominant native myth as consuming itself). The host culture and its individuals and founding norms and relations are exhausted and the STATE, “the great petrifact” as Spengler called ‘Megalopolis’ — and Nietzsche termed, “The New Idol” becomes a TOTAL construct and the civilization dies. The ultimate social form of aesthetics and poiesis, that is, of representation based in the Hellenic tradition is Totalitarian, self-destructive, fundamentally a lie and morbid.
If you are feeling things are getting worse, stressful filled with uncertainty and terror as the lies — truisms — of State become more ubiquitous and sacrosanct, this is the reason. The Hebraic source of Western freedom, of moral and social norms in all fields has been utterly covered over, the geopolitical form of which is the denial of legitimacy to the Jewish State. The West is mighty and utterly dead and arbitrary like Rome under Trajan and Hadrian. Already it includes elements of the physical collapse under Aurelius and the lesser and lesser followers.
This is partly a contrived collapse to facilitate management of generic human inventory, — the individuals now formed in the likeness of images that they reflect without even knowing their own inauthentiticy – and partly an organic, logical and inevitable denouement of the form of expression, idealizing image-work embedded in the West’s Hellenic root.


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