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Reading Fluidities of Self and Being

19 Dec

For Wallace Stevens, reading is the core activity and metaphor for the fluidity of self. Being and perception constitute each other in “an unremitting interchange with the clear universe of things”[1] in the¬†quiet of night, calm and often sombre. This is the essential liminal moment and site, the juncture by which Stevens examines the metaphoric nature of perception and the permeability of being and becoming. His greatest poems are meditations on the expansive subjectivity of reading. That is, they are meta-figures for his encounter with each of his readers forever and for everyone’s encounter through perception and figuration with life. Reading is for him a metaphoric gateway to eternity and the medium for all complementarities, like individual and community to merge. In this way his works are an extended meditation on and elaboration of the issues examined by Shelley’s meditations on being, metaphor and flux in “Mont Blanc” noted above. Continue reading